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Adacta at IBTF Insurance Business & Technology Forum 2015

Aranđelovac | 17.10.2015 At a three-day conference business partners Microsoft and Adacta presented all benefits of AdInsure.CRM - a CRM solution specially designed for the insurance industry.

Traditionally, the 3rd IBTF Conference was held with the main aim to gather all successful insurance companies in Serbia, as well as relevant institutions and ICT companies and provide the exchange of experiences related to the insurance business.
For that purpose, under the auspices of the Association of Serbian Insurers, a number of renowned ICT companies were invited, among others Microsoft and Adacta, that have offered tailored solutions for use in the insurance industry.

On this occasion, Adacta has presented its AdInsure.CRM solution specially developed for the insurance industry. By implementing this solution, as well its effective usage, insurance companies have become more oriented to their customers, and completely capable of recognizing their needs, and thereby adequately respond to all their demands. AdInsure.CRM solution helps improve productivity and efficiency of sales, marketing, and customer service within a company.

During the conference, Milan Maksić, a MS Dynamics CRM Consultant from Adacta, has presented his knowledge and practical experience in the field of CRM. In a very convincing manner, he has shown numerous benefits of this solution in a more efficient process of a new customer acquisition and retention.

In the end, the participants had the opportunity to hear Miloš Drača, an EPG Account Manager from Microsoft, who talked about the importance the Microsoft company places on developing the CRM solution and how the insurance segment was becoming increasingly important for the development of IT solutions.

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