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»Agile Journey in Adacta« at Agile Slovenia 2015 Conference

What new agile software development methodology (SCRUM) brings to the Adacta’s AX regional team and how SCRUM methodology can help build a better software. 

70 professionals working for Adacta’s Dynamics AX Team in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade, follow SCRUM methodology while developing IT solutions for customers in the Adriatic region: sprint planning, stand-up meetings, daily scrum meetings and sprint review meetings are the core activities that help them deliver gradual solutions and be flexible and adaptable to customer’s business needs and requirements.  

Besides AdInsure team, Adacta’s Dynamics AX team is the second team in Adacta, following agile SCRUM product development methodology.  

Iztok Juvan, regional AX Team Manager, Adacta and Marin Bezic, freelance consultant, Concero, will talk from experience: how company has to adapt in order to implement agile SCRUM methodology and how SCRUM can increase speed and flexibility of a development team.

We invite you to see the “Agile Journey in Adacta” lecture at Agile Conference in Ljubljana, 3.-4.12.2015.

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