WPC16 | Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference | Toronto, Kanada
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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference – WPC16 – Key Takeaways

One of the most important takeaways from the 14th Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC16) that took place in Toronto this July was digital transformation and Microsoft’s advance in developing new integrated solutions that can help companies meet the needs of the dynamic and ever-changing business market. 

Adacta’s representatives at WPC16

Among the 16,000 attendees from 114 countries were also representatives from Adacta. This year, the event was attended by Krešimir Mlinarič, General Manager, Adacta Zagreb; Josip Penavić, Head of Sales, Adacta Zagreb; and Marko Kolega, Head of Dynamics NAV Department, Adacta Zagreb. Together with other Microsoft’s partners from all over the world they were impressed by the event itself and especially by the news Microsoft shared with its partners.

What they had to say about the WPC16 event:

"This year’s event was really spectacular and interesting. Microsoft managed to share the news in a very appealing way and partners were really impressed - not only with the presentation, but also with the new solutions and services themselves. For Microsoft Dynamics Partners, the presentation on Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s integrated and cloud-based business solution, was really impressive. According to Microsoft’s roadmap, the new solution will be available for the Adriatic market in 2018 and we are looking forward to seeing Dynamics 365 in action.

The event was something special for Adacta as well, since we were there to accept a prestigious award – for the second time we joined the Microsoft President’s Club and are proud that Adacta is among the top 5% of all Microsoft partners worldwide.”

Josip Penavić, Head of Sales, Adacta Zagreb; Krešimir Mlinarić, General Manager, Adacta Zagreb; and Marko Kolega, Adacta Zagreb at Casa Loma, Toronto, #WPC16, where Microsoft Dynamics Recognition Event took place.

Satya Nadella about the digital transformation, Dynamics 365 and AppSource

Keynote speaker and Microsoft's leading spokesperson, Satya Nadella, opened WPC16 with his keynote, talking mostly about the digital transformation and Microsoft's challenge to lead the way in new technology. In his speech, Satya announced Dynamics 365 and AppSource, which speaks loudly about the importance Microsoft puts on integrating business solutions and helping companies moving their businesses to the cloud.

See full keynote speech by Satya Nadella at the WPC16:

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