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New branch office in Osijek

Adacta is constantly looking for new IT experts, and the opening of a branch office in Osijek is the result of increasing business value. 

Adacta, a leading regional Microsoft partner in the area of development and implementation of business IT solutions, has announced its business plans and activities by the end of this year.

On this occasion, the company has emphasized that after seven years of competition and investments into MS Dynamics Business systems development, Microsoft took over the leading position from the SAP within the ERP segment (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is interesting that Croatia is the first country in the world in which, thanks to Adacta’s business operation, Microsoft Dynamics solutions have become the main choice of successful companies.

In Adacta, they believe this trend will continue because Microsoft business solutions are currently the fast-growing in the global market.The success on the Croatian market has resulted in the necessity of opening a new branch office in Osijek where Adacta is going to employ several new IT experts.

As they emphasized in this company, the main aim is expanding the business, as well as increasing the number of employees. Due to specific business, Adacta is constantly looking for new experts who would become a part of their team.
Autumn will be marked by the organization of two conferences. The first one, which will be held on September 30th, is intended for insurance companies. At this conference, the main topic will be actual trend on the insurance market and last changes in the area of market liberalization of car insurance. Also, products and services will be presented which provide positive business results to the insurance companies in actual market conditions. Representatives from all leading Croatian insurance companies are expected at the conference.

A second conference is planned for November and is intended for Adacta’s current and potential partners, as well as for all others interested in business solutions and their implementation in practice. It is traditional Adacta’s annual conference, which will present new and existed products and partners, while guests will have a unique opportunity to meet with a new version of existed systems, some of which will be presented for the first time on the Croatian market.

At the end, Adacta talked about a new product and business partner. It is a German company „Corporate Planning AG“, which develops business solutions in the area of business planning. Adacta will present this product to the market in cooperation with consulting company „Corporate Performance Advisory“, specialised in business consulting in the area of business planning. The first implementation of Corporate Planner solutions is already ongoing, and in Adacta, they are expecting further growth of this market in the future.

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