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Microsoft Dynamics 365 für
Immobilien Management

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 für Immobilien Management kombiniert Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Standardlösung mit erweiterten Funktionalitäten die Speziell für die Immobilienbranche gestaltet wurden.

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Adinsure unter den besten Lösungen

Celent, eins der weltführenden Beratungsunternehmen für Finanz- und Versicherungsbranche, hat AdInsure als eine moderne und attraktive Lösung mit bemerkenswerten Kundenratings erkannt.

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Today,a large number of companies depend on data to some extent; whether by using itsubstantially in decision-making or by merely working on projects that willallow them to do this. And while everyone is somehow involved with data,examples of companies that have truly reorganised their work processes or madeground-breaking business decisions based on this data are few and far between.


Is GDPR keeping you awake at nights?

How about we tell youthat we have a solution to your sleepless nights?


The post-digital ageis in front of us. In order to compete and be singled out in the post-digitalage, companies need to adopt a set of new technologies that are just now emerging.These new technologies will be extremely important drivers of change inbusiness, even in industries where digital tools are already abundant. Why is thisso? The reason is that new technologies are continuously evolving and providingnew opportunities for business improvement.


We were happy to host many speakers, customers, partners and other business associates at Adacta Day 2019: Intelligent Business in Ljubljana last Friday, 25 October. 
We discussed many topics and focused on disruptive and upcoming technologies, their impact on the future of business and, of course, the impact these technologies will have on people.


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