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Adacta Belgrade: Entering a new era

The Adacta Belgrade has started 2016 in the style of great changes. After 13 years, Adacta moved to the new premises located in Trešnjinog cveta 11, in the very heart of business part of Belgrade. A new chapter in Adacta’s history has been opened in a symbolic way.

After a period of major challenges, Adacta Belgrade entered the year determined to be more successful than ever. Empowered by top professionals, whose number is constantly growing, Adacta has exceeded its capacities in previous business premises and continued its operations in the comfortable, and the technologically advanced working environment.

Significant revenue growth

In 2015, Adacta also achieved positive business results.  In a previous year, Adacta achieved 30% of the revenue growth. Trust of the local and international clients contributed to the achievement of positive results. They have recognized the company as the leading MS Dynamics partner in the region.

Today, Adacta’s main competitive advantage is enriched offer of business IT solutions developed for particular industries, as well as reliable and highly professional management. This has enabled Adacta to become a perspective company ready to respond to any challenge within the business.

“Dynamic growth, accomplished during the previous year, is the best evidence about Adacta’s quality of service. Hiring new people and increasing the capacities, refers not only to providing better services to the new clients but also to improving collaboration with existing clients.” – states Ivan Đolić, Sales Director of Adacta Belgrade.

Adacta team keeps growing

Development of the company has also affected the opening of new job opportunities. In the second part of 2015, Adacta increased the number of employees by 25%.

In the next period, Adacta is expecting a further growth of business volume and income. Thanks to its capacities and know-how, Adacta is ready to maintain a leadership position in the domestic IT market.


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