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Dynamics NAV add-ons for the Adriatic Region

With a custom-made Dynamics NAV add-ons, developed for the Adriatic Region your company can speed up the implementation process and meet all the local requirements and regulations. 

​Adacta develops and maintains a large number of projects. Over past 25 years they have accumulated huge amount of knowledge and experience. This knowledge is now successfully packaged into products that are developed for general use. Packages have been tested by Lion Bridge, to meet all Microsoft standards. Adriatic Localization, Billing, Object Version Control, HR & Payroll are  Microsoft Dynamics NAV localization add-ons for the Adriatic Region. They are ready for Dynamics NAV 2013 and beyond.

Adriatic Localization for Dynamics NAV

Adriatic Localization is a solution, fully compliant with all local laws and regulations for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. 

Billing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Does your company create series of invoices for each period? Do you put too much effort in preparing invoice lines with correct quantities? Watch Billing for Microsoft Dynamics video and see how you can optimize resources with a Billing solution.

Object Version Control

Do you often find yourself working on client's requests for long hours? Do you need help comparing two databases or creating a test environment, so that you can focus on conflicts only? If so, our Object Version Control is the perfect solution that will help you save time and concentrate on solving problems. Watch Object version control video and get a detailed view of the solution.

HR and Payroll

Does your company need control over organization? Does organization change too often and you are having trouble keeping track? If so, the HR solution is perfect for you. Watch HR and Payroll video and get more information about the solution.

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