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Case Study | How business intelligence and analytics tool helped Marche Gostinstvo to increase sales

Operating in the price-sensitive hospitality industry and under the auspices of two major global chains leaves Marche Gostinstvo with many business challenges: timely and accurate reporting, the impact of seasonality and holidays on business, adjusting its offering to the micro-location of the restaurant and reducing the amount of waste materials are just some of the everyday challenges of the management in Slovenia.

In 2015, the company implemented Qlik Sense business intelligence solution, which is distinguished by its extremely user-friendly experience and a very short implementation time. Qlik Sense allows users to create their own custom reports and to instantaneously adjust the appearance of reports, perform additional analyses and remain independent while using the BI solution.

With Qlik Sense, Marche management regularly monitors sales across all 16 micro-locations, effectively adjusts supply and reduces the amount of wasted material. With fixed locations and operating in a price-sensitive industry, the company managed to increase sales, and the management believes that this is entirely the result of Qlik Sense, the new business intelligence and analytics tool.

Case Study

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