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The Conference: The challenges of Banks in the Era of Clients

Today, the banking sector is increasingly focused on providing high-quality services to clients. For this reason, it is very important for banks to work on their innovation development strategy and to understand wishes and needs of end-users. The technology is a part of this strategy, but for the best results, it is of crucial importance to build efficient structure and organization. The focus of banks should be directed to the education of employees. The technology is the tool that shall provide transformation and accelerate the business process.

In order to present the significance of this changes in the banking sector, the Conference was held in Zagreb (Croatia), which gathered experts from the financial sector, as well as Adacta’s IT experts who presented business-information solutions designed for development of the business process in the financial sector.

Slaven Vukasović, a consultant and guest lecturer from the audit company PwC, presented researches, experiences and global trends in the financial sector, as well as banking clients’ key requests.

Damir Brkić, the owner of Brkić&Partners, presented to participants in more detail what bankers should expect in the future and how they will have to adapt to changes in the digital economy. He emphasized that in future banks shall need to continue their business in the digital environment, as well as to build agile operational business modules that bring a customer into the focus.

Dejan Blatnik, Business Development Manager from Adacta, on this occasion presented the CRM solution specially designed for the specific needs of banking and financial sectors. Thanks to its performances, this system helps to increase the efficiency of marketing and sales, as well as improving customer relationship.

From the point of view of the analytical solutions, Milan Listeš,  Business Intelligence Operations Manager in Adacta Croatia, delivered a speech on how quality analytics transforms traditional banking system into the efficient business process. During the conference, he explained how to target the clients in the proper manner, change the approach to work with a new client’s requests, as well as why it is important to develop analytics within a business.

The highlight of the Conference was the round table on “The Challenges of Banks in the Modern era” with the following participants: Zoran Bohaček (Chief adviser, HUB), Mladen Mrvelj (Board member, HPB), Slaven Vukasović (Consultant, PwC), Damir Brkić (Director, Brkić&Partneri) i Krešimir Mlinarić (Director, Adacta). During the panel, the discussion was focused on the challenges that banks are facing in their operations, as well as on solutions and services developed by technological companies such as Adacta. During the panel, participants tried to answer the main question – “What are the challenges that banks are facing today and tomorrow, especially in the modern digital era, as well as what are the trends that can be expected for the years to come.”

Krešimir Mlinarić, Director of Adacta Croatia, emphasized the fact that trends of the business process in the banking industry have already changed, and that technology has already facilitated the operations of banks. The future in this sector will inevitably bring changes in the technology and in the behavior of end-users.

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